Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Përshëndetje dhe mirë se vini në blogun tim!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

First, thanks for landing here - I've never been too good at writing blogs, so I decided to start one to challenge myself. As the title and everything in it suggests, it's about my adventure of learning Albanian as a fifth language, and all the struggles and rewards I had with it. I got asked how I learned the language so many times that I decided it may be easier if I just write it down, so that everyone can benefit from it. Seems like it's not a really popular choice, is it? I plan to review some of the most helpful resources I've found with my posts. But first, let me introduce myself:

I am a Bulgarian girl in my 20s, currently living in the UK for a few years. I've always been passionate about languages, especially Balkan ones (well, it is true I actually wanted to learn Romanian when I was younger, and it's just now when I started doing it, but that is another topic). I'm crazy about the Balkan music, and that's one of the reasons I started loving the language. I've always enjoyed learning - except my native Bulgarian, I'm fluent in English, good in Italian (well, not good at speaking, but good at everything else) and fairly good in French (which I had such a huge passion about, but just left aside for a bit). If I was about to grade my Albanian, I'd say it's around A2/B1 level at the moment - enough to give me confidence that I can go there and survive! (well, surviving the Balkans is always a tricky one) I also started understanding a lot from the Albanian TV or news pages, so hands up!

So the purpose of my blog is to share my knowledge and tough steps about my learning, along with reviewing some of the best apps/books/media and video channels I've stumbles upon - since the resources out there are so limited, I've lost so much time trying to sort them out. And I know there are other "crazy" people out there like me - maybe you know someone, maybe you love the music too, maybe you just like challenging yourself, maybe you have another reason - it doesn't matter. The knowledge is power. Never underestimate someone who speaks languages, especially rare ones - you have no idea how they can help you in your life! And you can learn everything, as long as you really want it!

So, dear reader, please bear with me - I promise I'll be helpful to you, and everyone who is enthusiastic about learning Albanian.

Also, if you spot a mistake in my writing in Albanian, please feel free to leave me a comment, I'm always happy to learn!

Faleminderit për kohën tuaj!

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